Sunday, March 23, 2008

Girl Friday

I got the urge to do some more business wear, so here's Girl Friday, a delicate creamy camisole with soft prim ruffles cascading down the bodice and paired with a high-waisted gray tweed pencil skirt and skinny belt. Perfect for the girl who wants to look professional and feminine.

Note that I am slowly changing permission on my clothing, so that every outfit I release from now on will be Copy/Mod/No Transfer. Please check perms carefully before buying, as they'll be a bit of a hodgepodge as I migrate things over.

Also, in group news, starting at midnight tonight PDT I am instituting a nominal L$10 fee to join the group to discourage the rash of hit-and-run spammers we've been getting recently. Note that if you're already a member, you don't need to pay anything, and you'll continue to get all the group-only freebies that are released. If you're not... well, join now to avoid the fee if you're really strapped for lindens. :)

The model is wearing:
Skin: Minnu Model Skins Cubic Show Skin (unsure of name/release status- given as part of an outfit at the Glam World Show)
Hair: Hair - Secret - Full Moon