Sunday, August 26, 2007

Camilla Blossoms

A single new frock for this week: Camilla Blossoms. It's an ode to the end of summer, a white strapless dress with a pintucked bodice and contrast piping, wide black sash and bow, and a sweeping skirt printed with yellow accented blooms.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

*ICING* Free Gift Time! Yay!

It's been too long since I sent my members a free giftie, so here ya go! These are the Marilyn Sunglasses in red, black, white and pink - a fun retro style with rhinestone accents. Also included are the plain glasses versions. Hurry and pick them up, as they'll only be in member notices for 30 days. For non-members, these are currently available for sale in the Mischief Cove location exclusively.

I'm too tired from the fashion show to box them up in something pretty, so excuse the shoddy photo.

Hydrangea and Miss Ava

Hot off the runway from its debut at the Mischief Cove fashion show, we have 2 new releases for you this week:

Miss Ava - an ethereal confection of creamy silk and lace. Whisper pink charmeuse is softly gathered at the waist and inset with intricately embroidered tulle.

Hydrangea – a cheerful button up set with floral stitching on the bodice. This set comes with a sundress skirt as well as a versatile set of dark blue wash capri pants.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

On Deck and Seascape

Two nautical-themed releases this week:

"On Deck" is a belted navy halter dress with pinstriped accents, prim bow and contrast stitching. My first attempt at a system skirt, with a added prim flounce.

"Seascape" is a cool, refreshing sundress printed with swirling blue waves.