Thursday, April 19, 2007

What about custom colors?

I generally do not take orders for custom colors but will do so if schedule permits and if the garment can be re-colored without having to be completely remade. (Some color extremes, like making a black garment white or vice versa would result in a lot of texture detail loss.) Cost is based on time and varies with the complexity of the garment as well as the individual number of textures on the outfit. The breakdown is as follows:
  • 3,250L - minimum 15 minutes (e.g. System skirt, shirt, and/or pants; little or no prim pieces.)
  • 6,500L - 30 minutes (e.g. Top, glitch pants, a prim skirt)
  • 13,000L - 1 hour (more complex outfits, several prim components, train or multiple skirt styles)
The above is simply a guideline, you will only be charged the actual work time in 15 minute increments.

Deposit is 50% with the remainder paid out when the custom color is delivered. You will be given a color sample for approval before the entire outfit is recolored. Yes, the prices are high as I charge RL rates and charge somewhat prohibitively. Custom colors are one-off (meaning I do not put them up for general sale) and frankly, not much fun to make.

Please include RGB values or a picture of the shade(s) you would like; "pink" for example can be interpreted many ways! The color will be approximated to the best of my ability. Secondary passes, prim adjustments/fittings will be charged at the same rate as above. You will be given a date when the garment is expected to be ready. I cannot take rush orders at this time, turnaround is usually within 7 days.