Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Policies and FAQs

Store Policies:

  • Non-transfer items are NOT REFUNDABLE, so please check permissions prior to buying. Only double purchases of the same no trans item are eligable for refunds- no exceptions.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a non-trans item as a gift, please consider purchasing a gift card at the mainstore location for the recipient OR, if you prefer to send a specific item, you can send payment to me and as well as a notecard with your name, the transaction number of the payment, the item name, and the recipient's full name and I can drop a copy directly onto the person.
  • I do not recognize alts. I will not replace items to your alt(s).
  • If you paid for an item and did not receive it, drop me a notecard with your name and the information about the transaction from menu World > Account History... Replacements will not be given if there is no record of the transaction.
  • If you bought a transferable item by accident, drop the entire folder on me with a notecard named "RETURN - " on me and I will issue a refund. Refunds will ONLY be issued to the original buyer AND if submitted within 30 minutes of buying.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Would you like to be in my new mall?
A. I am not looking for rental space at this time.

Q. What are you wearing in one of your store ads?
A. Information about skin, hair and jewelry in *ICING* ads can be found at on the blog - simply search for the name of the outfit in question in the the search box in the upper right hand corner.

Q. Can I model for you?
A. Thank you, but I currently not looking for models.

Q. Do you want ad space in my publication?
A. No, thank you.

Q. Do you want me to throw you a fashion show?
A. I'm not participating in shows at the moment.

Q. Can you make me a custom dress/building/etc?
A. I am generally be unable to take custom orders or color requests for specific outfits due to schedule constraints. Please be advised that I charge RL hourly rates.

Q. Can I have store space in Mischief?
A. Mischief is currently full - if you wish to be added to the wait list, please send a notecard with your name, the area you prefer (Cove, Bazaar, or Plaza) and a snapshot of a sample of your work that you will be selling.

Q. Do you sell any of your stores in Mischief?
A. No, none of my buildings in the sim are for sale.