Friday, January 2, 2009

This weekend: Friends and Family Event

This weekend, introduce your loved ones to *ICING* with the Friends and Family event! Starting tomorrow, Saturday through Sunday evening, you can purchase any *ICING* item and then choose an item of equal or lesser value to gift to a person of your choice. Great for outfitting your vintage-loving buddies as well as alts! Some restrictions apply, see below for details and rules.

Friends and Family Event redemption instructions:

- Make a purchase at any of the participating stores' in world
- Select an item of equal or lesser value
- Create a notecard entitled "Friends and Family - " with ALL the following information:

  1. Transaction information of your purchase including transaction number, date, and amount
  2. The name of the item of equal or lesser value you've selected to gift
  3. The full name of the avatar you wish to gift the item to.
-Drop the notecard on the store owner:
  • *ICING* – Miko Omegamu
  • [Boutique] & [CRAP] – Tenshi Vielle
  • Fawn Fotherington Hair - Fawn Fotherington
  • KessKreations & Hilarious - Kesseret Steeplechase
  • Punch Drunk – Iris Seale


  • Incomplete notecards will not be processed!
  • Gifted items must be of equal or lesser value
  • Purchase must be made with Linden dollars, offer does not apply to items bought with a gift card
  • Offer does not apply to purchases of gift cards or "dollarbies"
  • No "credit" is given if the chosen gift item is less expensive that the purchased item.
  • Offer is only valid within the same brand, ie you cannot purchase a Punch Drunk dress and chose to gift an *ICING* item.
  • Only applies to purchases made between 12:01am SLT Saturday, January 3rd and 11:59 pm SLT Sunday, January 4th.
  • Notecards must be submitted no later than 1:00 am SLT Monday, January 5th.

How do I find transaction information?

  • Go to World > Account Information
  • Cut and paste the Transaction number and Details into a notecard.