Saturday, October 18, 2008

At long last, freebie time!

I've had this freebie sitting in my inventory, but the original plans for it never came to fruition, so here it is at long last!  Robot Love is a version of the Soda Shop in a rich cayenne red, with a black sweater shrug and a chain closure that is held by a cute pair of robots.  It's a little random, but it's free at Mischief Cove, and perfect for fall.  Come get!

Secondly, I recently retextured the Valedictorian hair freebie for the opening of the Hairspray 2 sim opening, and it's now available in 8 colors.  Grab it from the freebie cabinet shelf and enjoy!

The models are wearing:
Robot Love:
Skin: [ND] Alina - (Hair) Doll Lashes, Mod Lips
Hair: ETD Gwen - Smoke

Chanterelle Redux:
Skin: Tuli Elizabeth (fair) - Shy (bl)

Dress: *ICING* Night Mist (free gift)
Earrings: {JUNK} Belly Dancer Earrings