Saturday, November 17, 2007

*ICING* Contest Results

The results are in! First off, I want to thank everyone who entered- it was unbelievably hard to pick just a few winners from the stunning batch of photos I received. I was really blown away by all the contestants' hard work, talent, and beauty!

The following were picked based on a combination of clothing presentation, uniqueness of the avatar, and overall artistic concept. Without further ado, here are the winners:

1st Prize: Zoe Demar in Carmen

2nd Place: Feles Seitan in Curlicue

3rd Place: Graciana McMillan in On Deck

Congratulations to the winners! In addition to their Linden prize and choice of their items from the *ICING* Store, they will have their posters displayed in the Mischief Cove location, and they will also receive a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Sofia Gray.

Lastly, because it was so terribly difficult to pick just 3 winners, I kind of had to create a runner up category- these photos also struck me with their excellent composition, their ability to create a story around the outfits, and simple elegance. The runner ups will each receive a L$1,000 prize and their choice of any item from *ICING*.

MensPocky Kumaki in Fall Vines in Amethyst

Vixsilver Yoshikawa in Veranda

Shir Dryke in Little Bit of Midnight

Helianthus Mesmer in Gossamer Fantasy in Amethyst

Genna Gray in Carmen

Dendre Benelli in Tropical Punch