Saturday, October 27, 2007

*ICING* Model Contest - Win up to L$10,000!

Having been inspired by the gorgeous and artistic photos taken by many of the talented photographers and models of Second life, I decided that my store needs some ritzy new posters. And so I present to you the first *ICING* Model Contest. Here's your chance to win up to L$10,000, clothing, and a chance to be an *ICING* model!

1st Prize:

  • L$10,000
  • 20 items of your choice from the Mischief Cove *ICING* store
  • The opportunity to model the next *ICING* release
2nd Prize:

  • L$7,500
  • 10 items of your choice from the Mischief Cove *ICING* store

3rd Prize:

  • L$2,500
  • 5 items of your choice from the Mischief Cove *ICING* store

  • Take a snapshot of yourself in your favorite *ICING* outfit ( 512x512 or larger)
  • Go to the *ICING* store in Mischief Cove and drop a notecard entitled "*ICING* Contest - your name" in the Contest sign.
  • In this notecard, include a full permissions copy of your snapshot and a brief line or two about how you chose your outfit.
  • Photoshopped/edited entries are acceptable.
  • Hint- in Snapshots menu, make sure "Keep specified aspect ratio" is checked so your picture doesn't get all smooshed!

  • Entries must be submitted by midnight November 16th.
  • Only contest submissions dropped into the Contest Sign will be entered - Submissions dropped directly on me/my profile WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  • Up to 3 entries per avatar (Please consolidate images into one notecard.)
  • By entering the contest, you agree to let *ICING* use and display your snapshot/images in the store locations.
  • The winners will be selected by me on November 17th and announced on this blog. The winning entries will be displayed as posters in the store.

The contest sign is on the right wall when you walk into the store and looks like this:

What I'm wearing in the top pic:
Dress: *ICING* On Deck
Hair: Ingenue ~ Bombshell ~ Natural Black
Lily: *ICING* Hair Lily from Spring Picnic Dress
Skin: Naughty [ND] Alina - (Hair) Doll Lashes, Mod Lips
Necklace: Artilleri yarr! necklace *red*
Glasses: Artilleri Rhinestone Retro

Photo Credit: Sofia Gray